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Awesome! Your animation once again has improved and is extremely fluid. Also I hate bronyism so this was satisfying to watch.

Also you shouldn't put down your YouTube stuff just 'cus you didn't work half as hard for it compared to this. So don't worry.

To Kukluxsux, you are a moron! It's not serious at all it's something that happened years ago.

I love you physicpebble.

Well animated, but almost pointless.

The animation was great and very fluid, but the Flash as a whole was poorly structured.

It was only about 30 seconds long - but that's not the problem - you could have added some little sequence to it at the end to finish it off, because it's just completely unfinished it's not exactly worth uploading, even if you got tired at the end of making it.
The animation is good - keep that up - and the idea of some sort of 'Back to school' movie is a good idea, because it's something most can relate to especially at this time of year.

If you finished it and made more of a story out of it, it may have been good. Not much to say after that.

mickaleaf responds:

Wow, great review! Thanks a lot!

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Good idea, but...

...It's barely accessible. I can't find anything required for the quests and the person below me is right, you can't even access all areas of the map. Also, it looks a tad boring, if it's going to be black and white at least use shades of grey for the background, and of course, you must have music! Or sound effects at least. Also, the grammar was poor as well as the spelling. I'm not ripping this thing up, believe me it has loads of potential, but you haven't delivered.

I seriously suggest you complete it more, it could be really good!


Funniest game ever without a doubt!


It's definitely an addictive game, because of the difficulty - which I think is a reasonable difficulty, but the hit detection when jumping on to one of those creatures is really terrible. You have to jump on them at a precise spot, which is a very frustrating thing for all of the players.

You notice that with a few more coats of paint done to this game, this could have easily been on the front page.

It's never to late for an update or patch - keep that in mind.

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Mate this is fucking awesome, this is true rock and roll. I really do hate this shitty music going on these days, the guitar riff is probably the main reason why it's so badass, and the vocals are brilliant - how it's so casually sung, but it sounds good on the track. Oh and obviously the drumming is good ;)

I really love this music, kind of Blues-ish, it's at a great pace which sounds really cool.


But it didn't really sound like Zelda :/

Box-Killa responds:

kinda sorta reminds me of zelda lol

I'm a wuss

I muted it, what does it sound like?

MonkeyV responds:

It's really not so bad.

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Not bad...

I quite like that drawing.

nissemand responds:

thanks man.

Not bad...

Not bad considering this was on your iPod.


I like it, I shall call him 'Triggle'.

AbominableGod responds:

Triggle it is then


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